Types of Assets

    Check, cash, credit cards

    These are the simplest and perhaps most convenient kinds of assets to give. Specific procedures for making a current gift this way appear here.

    Appreciated securities

    Appreciated property--especially appreciated securities--offer a special advantage to certain kinds of donors. If you have stock that has increased in value since you acquired it, you can give that stock directly to The Cedars, not needing to recognize capital gain, but still claiming an income tax deduction at full market value. Click here for more information on procedures for this kind of gift.

    Retirement plans

    There are two ways to give from retirement plans. One is to make a current gift using the so-called QCD process, described in more detail click here. Another is to make a planned gift designation of the residual of your plan for whenever it is closed. Advantages of designating the residual to The Cedars are described more specifically click here.

    Life Insurance

    Life insurance gifts can be in the form of a direct transfer of a paid-up policy to The Cedars or can also be a policy on which you are still paying premiums. In the latter case, the face value of the policy still makes a significant future gift for a manageable current cost, the annual premium payment.

    Tangible personal property

    Tangible personal property gifts can be in the form of jewelry, works of art, crops, automobiles, to name a few. Some of these kinds of gifts are subject to special rules that govern valuation and/or availability of tax deductions. If you have an interest in a gift of this kind, please contact us for a more in-depth discussion of guidelines and procedures – advancement@thecedars.org or (620) 241-0919.

    Real estate

    Donations of real estate have been extremely helpful to The Cedars in the past. Gifts of real estate may offer the tax advantage of the appreciated property rule for deductibility similar to what is possible for gifts of securities described above.

    If you have a parcel of real estate that you would consider giving to The Cedars, either in whole or as part of a “bargain sale” arrangement, we would be pleased to talk with you about how that could be done. If the nature of your donated property is such that The Cedars would likely want to sell it, please contact us before you would make any gestures toward identifying a possible buyer for the property. There is a special tax deduction rule that makes it important that you not move toward what tax provisions would call a “pre-arranged sale.”

    Residual value in independent living life lease

    Designating part or all of the residual of your life lease on an independent living unit at the Cedars is a wonderful way to make a significant gift back to the Cedars community. We would welcome a conversation with you about how such an arrangement could be worked out.