The idea of the “nth child”

    One creative way of thinking about estate allocation is to think of your favorite charities as another of your children.  For estate gift purposes, this approach views the charity in the same proportionate terms as other children in the family.  So, if there are 4 children in the family, the estate would allocate 80% to be divided among children and 20% to charity.  If there are 2 children in the family, then ⅔ would go to the children and ⅓ to charity.  

    For some families which have not included children, lifetime connections with charitable institutions may well have grown into especially rewarding relationships.  Through the life of the charity, such as The Cedars, members of this family may wish to recognize the warmth and fulfillment they received here, and in larger measure, honor a mission to which they were committed during their lifetimes.