Cedars Heritage Society

    From our modest beginnings near Darlow, Kansas nearly 125 years ago, The Cedars has relied on the generosity and foresight of individuals and churches who believed in our simple mission: to provide comprehensive health and wellness services and quality living options in a compassionate, Christian environment. Since 1893, thousands of residents, church members, business owners, and friends have volunteered their time and shared their financial resources to ensure our ongoing ability to fulfill that mission.

    The Cedars have a wonderful group of donors who contribute on a monthly or annual basis. We also enjoy support from a special group of people who have taken the extra step to leave a legacy that will survive themselves, donors, who have remembered The Cedars in their estate planning. This is the group the Heritage Society was established to recognize.

    Heritage Society planned or deferred gifts may take any of several forms: (for more detail on some of these strategies, click here)  

    • Designating a dollar amount or percentage of the overall value of your estate to The Cedars, either through your will or your revocable living trust.
    • Establishing gift instruments that pay you income, such as
      • a Charitable Gift Annuity,
      • a Charitable Remainder Unitrust,
      • a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust.
    • Naming The Cedars as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.
    • Designating all or a portion of the termination value of your retirement plan to the Cedars.
    • Leaving part or all of the reimbursement value of your life-lease in the Village to The Cedars.

    Although it is not necessary to advise The Cedars of your planned gift, we welcome the opportunity to express our gratitude personally to you. Even though public recognition of Heritage Society members may encourage and inspire others to consider such a gift, we will honor requests for anonymity.