Giving Appreciated Securities

    If you have securities that have appreciated since you acquired them, they represent an especially tax-efficient way to make a gift to The Cedars if you give the shares directly to us without selling them. Under tax law, you are permitted to take a deduction for the current market value of the security without recognizing gain in the process.

    Securities are most commonly held in an account by your broker or financial advisor. If you want to transfer to The Cedars, contact us for what is called DTC transfer details that you need to give your advisor or broker to execute the transfer.

    If perchance you have securities that are held in the form of a paper certificate, we can accommodate those too, but by a different process.

    If you have bonds or mutual funds, the transfer isn’t quite as simple, but contact us with the specific information on the holdings you are considering as donations and we’ll work it out with you and your broker or advisor.

    For information or consultation on any of the above matters, contact our advancement department at (620) 241-0919 or e-mail