Donor Stories

    We hope that stories and testimonies of other donors to The Cedars might be informative and inspiring to you as you consider how you might support the missionf of The Cedars.

     Ken and Elsie Holderread

    Elsie and I were asked why we chose to come to the Cedars and why we support it with our resources. After living here 16 years our answer to these questions has evolved somewhat. We came here from out-of-state to live close to our family and life-long church and college connections. Living here has wonderfully enabled both of these goals. Along with this the Cedars has provided us with encouragement, support, and a sense of community that has continued to nurture us during this stage of our lives.

    Positive caring and friendship from neighbors has meant more than we could have imagined before we got here. We now have a sense of belonging and want to continue to contribute in ways that will help the Cedars thrive for a long time.


    The dedication and caring concern of the staff along with the beauty of the campus enriches our experience here. We enjoy a wide variety of activities on campus and planned trips as well as small group experiences. Throughout our tenure here we have heard only positive reports from fellow residents about their joy of living here.


    We are pleased that we have the privilege of living our sunset years in the Cedars community. We look forward with joy and gratitude for our future life here.


    Together Ken and Elsie Holderread have served the Church of the Brethren throughout their careers as a pastoral team, missionaries, and church executives. Ken has also had opportunity to serve as a teacher, denominational and district executive, and in retirement as a spiritual director/companion.  Elsie has worked as a school secretary, administrative assistant, director of human resources, and district executive.