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Rehabilitation Dates

Need help in returning to your “old self” after surgery? The Cedars in McPherson, Kansas, offers care that includes post-operative/recuperative care with personalized rehabilitation services. To qualify for Short-Stay care, the individual receiving care must have been previously hospitalized for at least three days with a qualifying hospitalization and need no more than 100 days of rehab or skilled services before returning home.

Types of Recovery

  • Knee-Replacement Surgery
  • Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Hip Repair Surgery
  • Leg or Arm Repair Surgery

Benefits of Rehabilitation Dates

Guests enjoy private, fully-furnished rooms, a dedicated rehab team ready to design a customized, intensive therapy schedule, and full use of our therapy pool. Overall, rehabilitation services help improve the range of motion where you have had surgery, strengthen your muscles, help reduce your pain, and reached you how to do daily activities safely.

Learn more about our McPherson rehabilitation services by contacting our office.

"I have been in The Cedars' Rehabilitation House three different times.  The staff is very kind and were devoted to getting me back on my feet.  I couldn't have asked for a better place to recuperate and rehabilitate!"

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In addition to services tailored to Independent Senior Living residents, The Cedars offers Assisted Living, Healthcare Living, and other arrangements for residents who may require special care, and we can accommodate your changing housing needs as you age. To learn more about The Cedars or to schedule a tour of our campus, call us at 620-241-0919.

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