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Preparing to Move to Senior Home Care 

Decluttering Before a Move 

For many people, the idea of moving into independent or assisted living such as The Cedars can be overwhelming simply because of all it takes to prepare for a move. We have some tips for you to prepare to move to senior home care. 

Declutter & Downsize 

It’s difficult when you’ve lived in the same place for many years—in many cases for seniors, 20 or more years—to reduce the number of possessions you have but downsizing is essential when you’re moving into a retirement community.  

When you’re deciding what to move with you a tried-and-true process is to go through each room and create three or four separate groups. One group is for things you want to move with you. This could include small appliances, clothing, personal hygiene items, and even sentimental items such as photo books.  

The second group is for things you want to donate or sell. Anything can fall into this category; however, this will likely include clothes you no longer like or wear, or items you will no longer need at your new retirement community such as yard tools.  

The third group includes keepsakes and heirlooms you want to give to family members. Making sure these items find a new home with a loved one will make the process of letting them go easier.  

The fourth and final category of items are things you need to throw away. Examples of these items could be expired medications or pantry items, or broken items not suitable for donation. 

The decluttering process can feel overwhelming because of the number of items in your home, but also because of sentimental attachment. The process is simultaneously scary and exciting because it represents a new chapter in your life. However, with the support of family and friends, decluttering is liberating. Be sure to give yourself deadlines to stay accountable and on track for your move. 

Choosing a Retirement Community 

Whether you are considering moving into independent living or assisted living, it’s essential to make sure it’s a good fit for you. You can schedule a tour, learn about the community’s amenities, and culture, and get recommendations from friends and family. Choosing the right retirement community will be one of the most important decisions you will make. To learn more about the community at The Cedars, call us at 620-241-0919 to schedule a tour. 

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