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Myths About Assisted Living Facilities

When it comes to assisted living facilities, there is a prevailing stereotype of unhappy senior citizens who are lonely, isolated, and miserable. This however is a stereotype that is perpetuated by myths about assisted living. These myths are harmful to seniors because they cause fear and uncertainty and could affect their quality of life.  

Myths About Assisted Living 

One of the top myths is that those in assisted living don’t have any freedom. Assisted living is just that—assisted. Residents of assisted living facilities are free to do whatever they want. They can travel, go shopping, and visit friends. Those in assisted living need assistance with daily activities such as medication reminders, meals, housekeeping, etc. They can still live independently; they just need a little help. 

The Cedars offers a variety of fun on-campus activities every day including exercise classes, book clubs, Bible studies, and more. We also have transportation and take residents on outings to Salina, Hutchinson, local restaurants, shopping and visits to natural and historic sites. Residents can be a part of our vibrant community!  

Another myth is that the food isn’t good at retirement communities. At The Cedars, we have a chef and a team of culinary workers who create delicious meals. Our dining facility is filled not just with great food, but with amazing residents. We love the community of people who live at The Cedars and who help make each meal enjoyable.  

For family members, the thought of a loved one living in assisted living can be overwhelming. There is often a feeling of guilt, that is unnecessary. Communities such as The Cedars provide a caring, safe, active environment for seniors to live out their golden years. Most home environments are not set up to accommodate the needs of those in assisted living. Adapting a home to make it accessible for those with limitations can be costly and in the end cost more than assisted living. 

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We’re MythBusters at The Cedars! Schedule a tour to see our assisted living community and learn more about daily living. 

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