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The Benefits of a Retirement Community for Older Adults

Humans are social animals. Even the most introverted people still need a human connection to deter mental and physical health issues. Studies show that there is a connection between health and community and social interaction. People need people, especially as we age.  The social interactions created within a retirement community like The Cedars is essential for health and happiness.

How Social Isolation Affects People

Social isolation creates higher risks for physical and mental health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer’s disease. People who are at the most risk for social isolation include:

  • People who live alone, especially after a major loss or change.
  • Those who are unable to leave their home.
  • People who are caregivers.
  • Those who feel alone and disconnected from others.
  • People who feel a lack of purpose.

It makes sense that as we age, we can become at greater risk for social isolation, but there are steps you can take to help.

Ways to Stay Connected

There are many ways that people can stay connected while they age, it takes intentionality and maybe help from loved ones.

  • Exercise! If you can join an exercise class or a walking group, do it! Exercise is beneficial for your physical and mental health.
  • Adopt a pet. There are thousands of dogs and cats who need homes. Pet ownership can help lower stress and blood pressure, while also providing companionship.
  • Volunteering can help you stay focused on something you care about and helping others will make you feel good.

Sometimes these steps aren’t enough to be fulfilling on their own. In that case, retirement communities such as The Cedars are ideal to help older adults stay connected with others.

Benefits of a Retirement Community for Older Adults

From independent living to assisted living, there are options for everyone to find social connections at The Cedars. Residents can enjoy meals with friends at The Cedars Café. We also offer book clubs, special presentations, parties, and religious and spiritual activities for those interested. Our Wellness Center has exercise classes, equipment, and even a therapy pool. We encourage residents to get to know their neighbors as well.

Assisted Living residents have access to exercise classes, book clubs, game nights (including Bingo), movies, and more. The Cedars also provides field trips to McPherson, Salina, Hutchinson, and Wichita on occasion. Community is created with these activities as well as just being around others in common spaces. In addition, our nursing team and staff ensure residents have what they need to stay healthy including medications and meals.

Healthcare living, also called skilled nursing care, provides social activities for residents including Bible studies, games, ability-appropriate exercise classes, and more. The Cedars staff work hard to create a sense of community for residents through group activities and everyday living. There is always someone there to check in and who cares about you.

Those who live in our Memory Care housing also have the same access to the amenities and services as other residents. They receive special care from trained healthcare staff.

Contact The Cedars

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about our retirement community, please call us at 620-241-0919 or visit our website. We would love to schedule a tour for you and discuss the options for community living at The Cedars.

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