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How and When To Consider Assisted Living

Whether or not to move yourself or a loved one into assisted living is a difficult decision, for both caregivers and individuals. To help guide you or a loved one to determine if assisted senior living is the right choice and lift the weight off your shoulders, here is some important information to take into consideration. 

What is Assisted Living? 

Assisted living is a type of senior living housing designed for people who need additional medical and personal care. With around-the-clock support services and home-like environments, seniors and aging adults can live safely during their golden years. Assisted living at The Cedars is built on patient-centered care. We have a highly trained staff to ensure you, or your loved one, can live with peace of mind. 

Knowing If Assisted Living is Right for You 

There are many reasons why people choose assisted living. The following factors are important in making your decision.

Continuous Needs: The primary factor is that one’s care and needs have become too high for the typical home. In addition to typical household duties like cooking, cleaning, and general maintenance, being an at-home caregiver can lead to waking up multiple times a night, assisting with mobility, and providing constant supervision. These responsibilities are doable for some, but not feasible for all caregivers. Additionally, caregiving can take a toll on the physical and mental health of the caregiver. Often, it is difficult to sustain constant caregiving. 

Illness: Many adults have declining health and ability over time, often due to serious illness. Conditions such as Alzheimer's and other dementia are heartbreaking and can be extremely stressful. Those living with dementia need an extra level of care that many people can’t provide without trained support.   

High Risks: In addition to those who struggle with dementia, seniors who are at risk of falling also benefit from assisted living. One-in-four adults in the United States will fall at home, causing injury. Additionally, with dementia, there is always a risk of the person living with the disease leaving the home, and endangering themselves, leaving the stove on, or doing other dangerous activities.  

Stress: Caregiving is a major cause of stress. As expected, if the caregiver’s stress increases, their health is at risk. Roughly 30% of caregivers die before whomever they are caring for. There is often a point in which one cannot care for their aging loved one anymore. 

Making a Decision 

Many at-home caregivers often hesitate to reach out for help, but the team at The Cedars are here to tell you that it’s okay to ask for help! There are many cases where an older adult has specialized needs and requires care outside of the expertise of their family member or caregivers. Feeling guilty is a normal reaction but remember that your loved one will be getting the level of care they need and deserve in assisted living.  

If you are considering assisted senior living for yourself, talk to your family about your preferences, and don’t be afraid to initiate the conversation. Assisted Living at The Cedars has a plethora of benefits. From meal preparations and comprehensive health services to recreational activities and trained staff, residents of assisted living get to have fun in a safe, compassionate environment. 

The Next Steps – Take A Tour! 

If you’re looking for the next level of care or ease of living for yourself or a loved one, schedule a personalized tour of our campus and amenities in McPherson, Kansas. Our Assisted Living Community Area will be getting a fresh new look beginning in September 2022. Completion of the remodel is anticipated to take place in late January 2023.

We have an Assisted Living Open House on Sunday, July 24 from 1-4 p.m. Please reserve your tour spot by calling us at (620) 241-0919 Ext. 195.

The Cedars also offers Independent Senior Living, Healthcare Living, Memory Care, and rehabilitation services to fit the changing needs of our seniors. Above all, our goal is to enhance the social experience for residents and to continue building relationships with residents, families, and staff. Call us at (620) 241-0919 Ext. 195 schedule a tour of any of our senior living programs or for more information. 

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